Recently, I had the honor of reviewing Contemplation Theme I by the talented composer and multi-instrumentalist Samuel Yuri. Based out of São Paulo, Brazil, Yuri is a highly-esteemed artist who uses music as the canvas of his life experience and emotions, as we see in his latest EP entitled Versions of the Sun.

Recorded at Lumen Studios, Versions of the Sun is composed of two eloquent and well-crafted tracks; Die Sonne and Le Soleil, both being Yuri’s German and French versions of his epic work The Sun.

Die Sonne is delightfully inspired with its rugged guitar measures that puts the listener on the open road of dreams where the rising sun is all that matters. It is a clever expression of musical cynicalness wrapped up in a blanket of charm.  Le Soleil is a bit more serene in its approach and focuses more on the expansion of the composition’s melody and instrumentation. Overall, Versions of the Sun by Samuel Yuri will stand the time, as it is a classic of its genre.



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