Straight out of the high skies of Kansas comes the depth and flow of the talented rap artist Reedukay (Joshua Shelron McGee) aka RK. The multi-talented music engineer, producer, and poet extraordinaire keeps his lyricism real with ill profaneless bars for all to enjoy. As a father and all around stand-up dude, Reedukay sets an example for his family first and the community at large. His latest offering Every Day Motto perfectly demonstrates the contagious genius that Reedukay imbues.

Every Day Motto open with a fabulous smooth groove with a bit of a southern twang that bumps flawlessly for the head-nod test. Reedukay picks a healthy cadence to spit his motivating verbal concerto. Every Day Motto rises far beyond its expectations with a compelling theme of finding the energy and drive to make through each and every day. Reedukay blesses us with a vitamin rap that is inspiring as much as it is entertaining, and for that we are grateful.

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