April Rolling (rap song)

Connecticut’s Own Keshawn Wavy & New York Producer Spbeatz518 Bring Their Hit Single “April Rolling”

Based out of Hartford, Connecticut, hip-hop artist Ke-Shawn Irving aka Keshawn Wavy is a verbal powerhouse with an inventive flow that keeps his audience on the edge of their seats in sheer awe and anticipation, eagerly awaiting every verse. At fifteen years of age, Keshawn has bars for grown folks and an explicit imagination that puts even the most fearless disciples of the genre to shame. Keshawn’s new single entitled April Rolling is a testimony of his creative genius.

Keshawn Wavy: A legend in the Making

Produced by New York’s very own Spbeatz518 (Sean Pinckney), April Rolling is a bangin track where we really get to see Keshawn Wavy shine. Spbeatz518 puts together a cinematic laden downbeat that contains elements of R&B and overtones of trap music, an infectious groove, which keeps listeners captive. Keshawn spits a passionate onslaught of hood bravado that rides the beat like phantoms hovering the ocean floor. April Rolling opens the door to Keshawn Wavy’s journey in becoming a household name and the newest vibe in rap music. April Rolling is available on iTunes and most digital platforms.

Spbeatz518 aka Sean Pinckney



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