One band that has created an inventive way to put focus exclusively on their music is Hooyoosay. The interesting thing about this outfit is that its contributors remain anonymous. Hooyoosay began as a few guys playing cover songs, which eventually led to online store releases. Hooyoosay is all about keeping music fun and organic.

The band’s newest album titled No Clashing Egos is a fifteen-track adventure that exemplifies their expertise in the genres of Americana and pop music. The album is set for release on February 7th, 2019. No Cashing Egos’ nostalgic flavor is exceptionally charming as it makes use of a bright musical landscape that all audiences can endear. No Clashing Egos is certainly a jewel for music enthusiasts that crave a retro sound. Many of the tracks contain elements of the blues and folk music, which give it an overall timeless appeal.

No Clashing Egos begins with the light and airy sounds of When You Get Huguette. This is certainly a brilliantly executed song that covers romance and the charms of promiscuity. No Clashing Egos also has a few compelling instrumentals that allow Hooyoosay to speak to its audience through some real groovy sonic landscapes. Tare Too Te Rut Te Instrumental incorporates some pleasantly surprising overtones of the psychedelic age, which expand the album’s content.

Towards the latter half of No Cashing Egos, we encounter tunes like the charming Sittin on a Fence. This classic 60s-pop/rock charmer is reminiscent of the Beatles’ Rubber Soul days. Overall, No Clashing Egos is a superb revelation created from the beauty of melodic simplicity and the essence of Hooyoosay. For more information about Hooyoosay and their upcoming album, please visit their website.

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