Currently based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the beautiful singer, songwriter, and talk show host Sassy Vee is the “complete package” of musical charm, as she possesses a soulful essence of chorale. Sassy’s love affair with music dates back to the early days of her childhood. Amazingly, Sassy Vee uses her artistic ability to send forth messages of inspiration and the love of life. Her latest single entitled I Should Go is a perfect example of the life-inspiring diva’s musical expertise.

I Should Go is a groovy and heart-searching song about breaking free from a dysfunctional relationship. The track’s eloquent pop music landscape provides a very attractive podium for the ears, while effectively giving Sassy the atmospheric canvas to melodically draw her words of wisdom upon. I Should Go has a nice bounce in the rhythm that keeps listeners captive. Sassy Vee has a tremendous vocal tone and offers a spectacular performance. Interestingly, we find this harmonic teaser just the right recipe that makes us want to stay in the enchanting vibrations of Sassy Vee every time we hear her sing I Should Go. For more info about Sassy Vee and her music, please her page on Reverbnation.

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