Based out of Vincent, Ohio, the experimental pop band named Cutler Station have released a new album of the same name. Comprised of members John Evans, Kirby Evans, Steve Lipscomb, and Jason Swiger, Cutler Station incorporates various musical elements and an unorthodox structure to their creative genius, which is explicitly demonstrated in their latest album Cutler Station.

Cutler Station is composed of eleven enchanting tracks. The album’s pop melodies are crafted in hazy overtones, which are maximized through the band’s raw talent and gifted instrumentation. Beginning with its opening track, Curt Hennig, listeners can determine a lot of influences that range from garage rock to psychedelic music. Another attribute that certainly stands at the forefront of the Cutler Station album is its maximization of melody. Songs like Catacombs and the charming Jail Broke Friends reveal much about the band’s musical expertise in this regard. Overall, Cutler Station’s self-titled album is an inventive muse filled with mind-blowing cerebral lyricism and funk-folk fused songs, making it a masterpiece even among the world’s best-known one-of-a-kinds.

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