As a true chosen one of melodic craftsmanship, the singer, songwriter, and producer Markiss Cherry aka Black Hebrew comes with a soulful presentation and nostalgic distinctiveness that will surely revive your faith in R&B/Soul music. Based out of Moreno Valley, California, Black Hebrew’s symphonious expressions of musical expertise has us convinced that he is en route to acquiring a household name, as evidenced by his latest offering titled Jenn.

Released on January 21st 2019, Jenn is a refreshing love song that is equally impressive. Black Hebrew gives a memorable vocal performance and carries the track with an ingenious sense of chorale, as he paints a lyrical picture of a man who has feelings for his boss. Love at the workplace makes Jenn an exceptional tune. Musically, Jenn enjoys several rewind-addictive moments with its funk-layered groove and exotic instrumentation. Available on iTunes and most digital platforms, Black Hebrew is able capture us with one gem that we didn’t see coming, Jenn.


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