Based out of England, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Leon Oxenham steps to the frontlines of the music world with a spectacular organic sound and insightful content. This musical veteran and longtime member of Rushwood & Co is adored as a folk-rock specialist by many music enthusiasts of the genre. Leon has put together a great collection of music, some of which will be included on his new EP titled Storm.

A Track-by-Track Review of Leon Oxenham’s Featured Catalog

Chill – This is an exceptional tune with a bright and crisp measure of acoustic instrumentation. I was deeply impressed by the acoustic guitar melody that seems to be structured within the confines of a bluesy expression. Leon provides a wonderful vocal performance that is compelling and thought-provoking.

Calm Before The Storm – A fun song with a charming theme of love’s early stages. The track’s mood resembles many of the legendary hits of the post-60’s area. Calm Before The Storm is successful in creating a happy mood, which sets the tone for good times to be had by all.

All I Know – Built upon a landscape of popular music, All I Know is an exceedingly brilliant crafted by the skillful use of electric guitars and brilliant Dylan-styled lyrics.

Thousand Miles – A very poetic offering that borders on the genres of pop and progressive rock. The song has a beautiful downbeat and easy pace. Leon’s vocals are reminiscent of legendary pioneers like Paul McCartney and Billy Joel. Thousand Miles excels with words of wisdom and comforting lyrical content.

Leon Oxenham’s has procured a practical grassroots, yet sophisticated sound. I am deeply impressed by Oxenham’s instrumentation and witty acoustic guitar measures that add tremendous depth to his compositions. Listening to Oxenham is like watching a master develop a fine work of art. The experience is enchanting but equally delightful. Leon Oxenham’s music is something that you don’t want to miss and can be found on all digital platforms.

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