Rap artist Vish-K has an electrifying flow that can facilitate any groove. The Houston-born rapper now based in Atlanta has cultivated his craft as an emcee since youth. Vish-K’s music is filled with practical messages of inspiration along with nostalgic wordplay as found in his recent single “Can I..”.

Can I.. is an excellent demonstration of Vish-K’s lyrical bars for days extravaganza. Can I.. is off of Vish-K’s masterful EP titled Time. The track’s catchy hook and enchanting beat make Can I.. one tune that falls into the “rewind-button addiction” category. Vish-K possesses a strong presence behind the mic with a vocal tone similar to Ludacris, but with his own original flare.

Vish-K uses his vocal charisma to paint scenes of erotic bravado and good times. Can I.. is a fun-spirited ride with Vish-K driving on the road of no losses for the enjoyment of all. Can I.. by Vish-K is available on all digital platforms.

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