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2019 Rap Song of the Year: Actin Different by Miranda Writes

Miranda Writes is en route to becoming a household name. The sense of integrity that the First Lady of Hip Hop brings to the world of rap music is truly delightful. As a businesswoman and recording artist, Miranda Writes represents the integral values of a once underground culture that has blossomed into an international phenomenon. Miranda Writes is able to spread these often-overlooked core values to others in the music she so brilliantly creates.

While having a tremendous artistic year in 2018, Writes was able to carry over much of this symphonious prosperity into 2019 with the release of Actin Different. Indisputably one of Writes best offerings, Actin Different sums up today’s society and its infatuation with social media in a way that only Miranda Writes can explain (please click here to read my full review of Actin Different). It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Actin Different by Miranda Writes as the recipient of Warlock Asylum International News 2019 Rap Song of the Year Award. On behalf of the news page, I would like to wish Miranda Writes all the best and express our deepest gratitude for the joy you have given us by way of your music.

Warlock Asylum international News 2019 Rap Song of the Year: Actin Different by Miranda Writes