Based out of Denver, Colorado, imperial lyricist and rap artist extraordinaire epAdemyk is one of the realest emcees to bless the mic. The gimmickless icon is sonically gifted with flows, prose, and tantalizing verses while keeping the practical and free-willed huge heart as the gravity upon which his music revolves. An excellent depiction of epAdemyk’s creative genius can be found in his recent video titled She Cheated Again.

She Cheated Again expresses a unique side of epAdemyk’s work that is quite enchanting. The magic of epAdemyk is found in the treasure of genuine talent and just being where we are at in life in front of the camera. The video for She Cheated Again reflects this perfectly. First, She Cheated Again is shot in a professional style which makes skillful use of a natural suburban setting that works superbly in removing celebrity barriers that may exist between epAdemyk and his audience.

Another praiseworthy attribute about this visual presentation is that it is one of the few music videos today which features the lone emcee. epAdemyk and his rhyme are the only subjects of this video. Yet, he dynamically keeps his audience intrigued with a passionate cadence. She Cheated Again’s musical landscape and epAdemyk’s flow is an inventive approach to the one-two punch of raw bars on display.

Ironically, just as listeners thought that the great epAdemyk was on the verge of living an unromantic life, the wordsmith returns with a really flavorful upcoming song entitled Pardon. Brewing with instant appeal, Pardon offers epAdemyk the opportunity to reveal real proverbial, yet lyrical ingenuity.

Pardon opens with a bright and refreshing groove. The track incorporates elements of  jazz, r&b, and electronic into its scheme for a memorable fusion that is quite festive. epAdemyk provides the right taste of bravado to the mix making it a perfect hit for the clubs. As a person that recognizes the power of music, epAdemyk is able to put together a tempting serenade of bars that turns out to be an enjoyable ride for everyone listening.

Another great feature of epAdemyk’s music is how deeply his presence carries into the song. Listening to epAdemyk spit is like standing right in front of him. Pardon is epAdemyk’s way to reach the heart of ‘the queen who can keep him in check’. And it is through epAdemyk ‘s stream of words that we too can gain hope and confidence that we are not the only “individuals” living in the world. Website:


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