Texan singer and songwriter Addisyn Chafé returns to the music world with an acoustic gem entitled When We Fall In Love. I had the blessed opportunity of reviewing Addisyn’s debut single Burn In Me and getting better acquainted with this inspiring artist back in February. Addisyn uses her creative endeavors as a vehicle for salvation and aid for uplifting others, especially the spiritually downtrodden.

When We Fall In Love is an impressive offering from the EP Lost that exemplifies Addisyn’s work as a composer and singer. She has a beautiful voice and free-flowing way of letting the light shine from her words. When We Fall In Love opens with a moving acoustic guitar riff. Coupled with an equally ravishing vocal performance by Addisyn, we are later introduced to additional instrumentation during the song’s bridge. When We Fall In Love turns into a very stirring experience, as it really captures the essence of love’s healing power and the joy that it adds to life. Addisyn has done it again!


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