Based out of London, the Italian-born singer and songwriter Roxey has a growing following and a surplus of bubbling charisma that propels her music into a dimension of freedom. She fell in love with word and melody during her youth and has since made music one of life’s endeavors. Roxey has toured the world, released three albums, and is presently working on a fourth.  Her fans are drawn to the spirited songs she creates by the use of intricate rhythms and emotionally charged guitar measures. Roxey’s creative talents are wonderfully captured in her latest release titled Baby, I’m a Lady.


Baby, I’m a Lady is a charming tune from the EP Illusions that has wide cultural appeal. We are immediately captured by the song’s tantalizing guitar play that closely resembles elements of Latin music, along with the track’s swirling bassline. Baby, I’m a Lady has a memorable groove that is clearly spawned by Roxey’s depth of musical experience from a cultural perspective. This is one pop song that will pull you out of a bad mood.

Roxey’s vocal adventures in the song are equally impressive. She has a very inviting voice that can raise a note to the ceiling. What I appreciate the most about her vocal performance on this track is how much presence she has behind the mic, which makes its tone all the more entertaining. Baby, I’m a Lady is centered on the theme of being a woman and how a woman can be from a woman’s perspective. It’s sort of like; “what are you doing? Well you know baby I’m a lady” sort of vibe. After listening to the song for the first time you’ll be humming to its chimes even when the music is off. Thanks, Roxey.

The video for Baby, I’m a Lady is practical, witty, and carries a dose of artistic sarcasm. Certainly, its practicality is praiseworthy. Throughout the video, we see everyday people from different walks of life listening to Baby, I’m a Lady and just having fun and enjoying the music. Some scenes seem to simulate someone taking a video from their phone or with a home camera. It’s all about the vibe and that’s the only way a woman can be understood as seen in Baby, I’m a Lady.

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