Originally from Lawrenceville, New Jersey, singer, songwriter, and classically trained pianist Jason Bembry has an exquisite passion for music that is equally entertaining as it is inspirational. Bembry began taking up studies of the piano at ten years of age. Soon after, he began competing in competitions, which eventually led to numerous awards and performances in prestigious venues such as Merkin Concert Hall and Carnegie Hall. Bembry’s debut EP entitled When You Fall is an astonishing contribution to the world of music.

When You Fall is composed of six tracks that cover the sentimental process of falling out of love. Musically, the album draws from various influences, which include classical, pop, rock, and jazz. Impressively, Bembry’s work can be described as a sonic thoroughbred mainly for its organic presentation of pure instrumentation. When You Fall’s timeless appeal and clear themes exceed genre and are something that people from all musical backgrounds can enjoy.

A Walk InsideWhen You Fall opens with A Walk Outside. The track begins with Bembry’s vocalization before being led into an aspiring bridge. This is a solid tune with a clear message of disenchantment in a relationship. Brilliantly, the rumblings of emotions in a conversation of this sort are captured in the shifting measurements of the song. Although the subject may appear to be heavy on paper, the tone of the melody is not dark, but somewhat echoes the initial relief we feel when a relationship is over.

When You Fall Track-by-Track Review

When You Fall – The title track’s bright and upbeat approach on the subject of missing the love we once possessed is incredibly expressed in When You Fall. In fact, Bembry’s vocal performance is so emotionally packed that it’s almost like a face-to-face conversation with his audience. Bembry’s sense of inventiveness greatly enhances the song with a piano solo in the later part of the track, which greatly adds to the depth of When You Fall’s structure.

We Stay – A very beautiful composition and definitely reflects Bembry’s background in classical music. The melodic terrain and poetic expressions of reassurance we find in We Stay, coupled with its charismatic movements of piano and stringed instrumentation, make this lovely tune a flavorful masterpiece.

Safe – One of my favorite songs on this EP. Jason Bembry presents a compelling pianist ballad about the “security” of love. Safe is an outstanding example of Bembry’s creativity as a singer and carries a fragrance of chorale that is often akin to the likings of popular music.

No Sleep – The excitement of experiencing passion after a long time in the desert singleness is the theme of No Sleep. No Sleep has an enchanting guitar lead and is backed by some excellent percussion.

Walls – Jason Bembry concludes this masterful collection of songs with a spectacular offering entitled Walls. The song’s crafty melody and the central theme of getting through the scars of a previous relationship in order to make the current one right make Walls the anchor of the EP’s depth. Bembry also released a stirring video that wonderfully compliments the song’s lyrics.

When You Fall by Jason Bembry is a treasure chest of great music that ingeniously covers a well-known topic in a way never heard before. Listeners will find this EP an oasis of endearing concepts and visual chimes. Delightfully, we find that Bembry’s music continues to evolve. His recent release of the song You Should Have Known is something that equally riveting and illustrates Bembry’s constant evolution. In conclusion, we can definitely say that Jason Bembry has proven that When You Fall is the best time to get up.


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