Abraham Lichy (attorney)

Looking For A Trademark Attorney? Abraham Lichy Is The Man For The Job

Trademark and Patent Law is a very deep and layered subject. The process is truly a learning experience. In regards to my work, I made an application to the USPTO and needed to hire an attorney to fulfill other requirements in the application process. Finding a lawyer with sufficient knowledge of Patent and Trademark Law is not a simple task. A website can make any lawyer or legal team look like the greatest in the world. Fortunately, I was able to find one of the best attorneys with remarkable expertise in trademark law named Abraham Lichy.

Most attorneys will offer a free consultation about the costs and what is needed to create and/or resolve a successful trademark application. After talking with a few lawyers, I noted that Abraham Lichy was the only attorney to point out a few things that I needed to get done that ten other law firms had overlooked. I was deeply impressed by Mr. Lichy’s knowledge about trademarks. So I took a mental note, saved up a few more dollars and gave him a call when I was ready to proceed.

Mr. Lichy made the topic of trademark law easy to understand and a pleasant experience. He is a very friendly person and makes himself available as much as possible, yet he maintains a resourceful sense of professionalism. I never felt that he was just there to take my money but is really concerned about the outcome of my situation and the best route to take in order to make the application process a successful endeavor. I would personally like to thank Mr. Lichy or his valued wisdom on the subject of trademarks and the services that he offers under the banner of Lichy Law. In my opinion, Mr. Lichy is one of the best attorneys a person can hire if they to make the trademark application process a successful one. Salute! https://www.lichylaw.com/ 


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