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Suspicious Packages #2 by Covert Entertainment & Soundworks

As one of the original members of the LA Posse, the multi-talented Dwayne “Muffla” Simon certainly was a moving force that helped shape the sound of hip-hop’s classic era. His work as a producer and songwriter scored hits for legendary artists like LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Run-DMC, and quite a few other household names. Simon’s latest endeavor is a production company by the name of Covert Entertainment & Soundworks. Under his new company and brand, Simon has released his first production album in over twenty years titled Suspicious Packages #2.

Suspicious Packages #2 is a brilliantly composed album that is layered with a signature west coast rap sound that shines in its space of originality from start to finish. The album is a delicious offering of 18 exquisitely funky tracks. Suspicious Packages #2 is a garden of funky grooves and crisp production. Covert Entertainment & Soundworks hosts an array of spectacular artists that come through cut after cut. Tracks like I Won’t Change and Grown & Sexy are a few of the many jewels that demonstrate the album’s versatility and range, often incorporating elements of funk, r&b, and soul music into its scheme. Suspicious Packages #2 by Covert Entertainment & Soundworks is a treasure chest of melody and a testimony of how good repeat-button addiction is when the music comes first. For more info, please visit: