Christa Deánā is a phenomenal Christian singer and songwriter, who uses her musical expertise to minister through melody. Based out of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, Christa is able to instill inspiration to others by sharing her life experiences through song. Her soulful voice makes every performance memorable as evidenced by her song Shine.

Shine is a single from the Christa Deánā album Self Entitled. The track wonderfully incorporates elements of jazz, r&b, and soul music genres into its gospel scheme. The music has a bright energy that compliments Christa’s vocal performance and content as she shares her resolve to remain resident in her faith by letting her light shine as a means of dispelling darkness. Shine has an amazing music video that was put together by Steven Woods at CSaw Studios. It is really good to see the face behind the voice and the support Christa has received by those she has equally encouraged. Shine by Christa Deánā is certainly a musical blessing.


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