The Scheckler Brothers are a strong reminder of the musical excellence and creativity that the Beatles have inspired across the world. For band members and brothers Tom Scheckler and Robert Scheckler, the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show marked not only a milestone in entertainment history but would also prove to be the spark that jumpstarted their own melodic genius and dexterity. The Scheckler Brothers have wonderfully captured the experiences in their song Magic.

The song Magic is from the Scheckler Brothers’ album of the same title. The track has a really strong nostalgic vibe with influences of folk and classic rock. The group’s harmonies are perfectly blended with the endearing sounds of acoustic guitar, drums, keyboards, and a moving bassline. This charming tune is centered on the theme of the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show as witnessed from a spectator’s view. I must admit that while the Scheckler Brothers gained much of their influence from the Beatles, the band’s original style of song and composition is impressive. Magic by the Scheckler Brothers is good music with a collector’s item appeal. 

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