Based out of Portland, Oregon, artist, and producer extraordinaire Davidmichael503 has a unique talent of being able to create nostalgic remixes that add an entirely new vibe to recorded material. His recent remix of Halsey’s Bad At Love is a great example of the producer’s enchanting range of inventiveness and musical insight.

While Bad At Love was a monstrous hit for the mega-songstress Halsey and is certainly a favorite for many music lovers, Davidmichael503 has skillfully crafted a cutting-edge groove that draws upon singer’s urban appeal. Davidmichael503’s remix is tastefully beat-heavy and dressed in underground overtones from its added electronic instrumentation. Davidmichael503’s rhythmic expression is further enhanced by a video for the remix that is also based on the original for the song. Davidmichael503 has done a masterful job of presenting a whole new melodic experience and perspective for Halsey’s Bad At Love.

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