Originally from Oak Hill, West Virginia, singer and songwriter Tony Manley shares his creative genius with the world in the release of a new album entitled She 86’d Me. Manley has an eclectic sound that borders the fine line between alternative rock and progressive expressions of punk fusion.

She 86’d Me is comprised of eleven enthralling tracks and was released in February of 2019. The album seems to be an external expression of Manley’s internal joys and pains. The album’s pop-punk overtones give the project a strong sense of originality and free-spiritedness.

She 86’d Me Track-by-Track Review

New York City (Can You Save Me?) – Manley begins this journey with a here and now song. This track has a charming hook that is bound to bury itself into your subconscious mind. The song’s theme seems to be centered around escaping inner turmoil with a desire to relocate physically. Manley keeps these ideas in a space that we all remember. Manley released the song as a single and it is accompanied by a cool music video. New York City (Can You Save Me?) possesses a hazy vibe that makes it a timeless masterpiece.

Goodnight Moon (If You Can Hear Me?) – This uptempo guitar-laden groove sparkles with Manley’s poetic lyricism and exhilarating vibe. Goodnight Moon is also a good example of the depth of Manley’s music and the many layers given to a single tune.

Dreamcatcher – Musically, Dreamcatcher is reminiscent in structure to Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire. However, Manley’s song is more about being in a dark place internally than a discussion about the condition of the world. The track has a strong bassline and ensures the continuity of the album.

Think Of Me – Manley switches up the pace with Think Of Me. The song affords Manley the opportunity to reveal the versatility of his vocal range. The track’s percussion is unique and the flaring guitars in the song’s background give Think Of Me an otherworldly feel.

Mexico – This optimistic gem is an instant favorite and one of Manley’s best vocal performances. The track has a positive vibe that is further enhanced by some fabulous drumming and keyboards.

Kiss Me Like You’ll Never Let Me Go – The song has a warm melody that is led by a great rhythm guitar riff.

52 Hertz – Led by an amazing keyboard riff, Manley makes a brilliant play of words through seemingly morbid aesthetics. The track has a very distinct vibe, especially when compared to other songs on the album. 52 Hertz is one example of Manley’s knack for constructing some awesome hooks.

Black Eyed Shark – This track is well-produced and has a really cool guitar sequence that serve as a podium for Manley’s superb vocal performance.

Graveyard – A very melodic track that covers the pains of heartbreak, which a theme that we see throughout the album. Graveyard is about the tombstones in Manley’s heart.

Your Shrike – An excellent groove that plays out like a love letter.

 11:11 – Manley concludes the album with a timely ballad that appears as a plea of help. The track is set apart from the previous songs as it is reliant on acoustic guitar.

She 86’d Me by Tony Manley is an emotionally intense album that is nostalgic and an incredible journey into the heart of its author. Although much of the material on the album derives from Manley’s pain from heartbreak, She 86’d Me does have its bright moments and is musically innovative. Manley is able to touch upon a space that many of us have lived through and within this haven lies a stroke of genius. Bravo!

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