Back in April of 2019, I had the blessed opportunity of reviewing So Alive by the resourceful rock outfit No Serial Killer. Led by the incredible genius of British singer and songwriter A.K.M., who is backed by a cast of talented American musicians. No Serial Killer has developed a very unique and organic sound that utilizes piano as the bass guitar.  The group has created a handsome catalog of entertaining, introspective, and innovative music with their latest album titled No Serial Killer.

No Serial Killer’s self-titled effort is a massive release of 64 tracks. Many of the recordings come with a few improved versions and original compositions.  A.K.M. wrote the lyrics for all 30 songs and was the music director for this project. The album’s continuity hovers around its elements of electronica, indie pop, psychedelia, and rock that No Serial Killer has ingeniously fused together.

After a clever introduction, No Serial Killer begins the new album with a warm and inviting tune called Bird Of Prey. The track is formed around a hypnotic piano measure with slight variations, which provides a great platform for the female vocalist Audrey to make this melody her own. Additional freestyled electric guitar strums add tremendous depth to Bird Of Prey.

The Sweetest Cyborg is one of No Serial Killer’s immense gems. The track turns out to be a bright and upbeat groove. The track’s steady piano chords provide a taste of early-1960’s nostalgia along with some remarkable drumming by Caleb. Overall, its one of my favorite tunes by the band and demonstrates A.K.M.’s creative approach to songwriting.

No Serial Killer’s versatility blooms in songs like Yes I Do. Bart’s enchanting guitar riffs amid Nicki’s passionate vocal performance strengthens the album’s continuity. Yes I Do is brilliant with a flush of lyrical realism in a good way.

Summer is another musical gem from the album. The track is very cinematic while maintaining somewhat of a minimalist song structure. No Serial Killer’s musical professionalism shines through in this tasteful production where listeners really get to zone in on the harmonies and bass piano.

No Serial Killer’s self-titled album is an exquisite array of earthy-imbued rhythms and hazy soundscapes.  It stands as a work of art and a template for musicians who seek to establish their own original sound. This project seems to be reminiscent of The Beatles’ White Album, but a bit more formula oriented. No Serial Killer has created a must-have musical collection for the ages.

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