Based out of New Orleans, the riveting sounds of the alternative rock band the Spylights are certainly a phenomenon to behold. Comprised of band members Vincent (vocals/guitar), Tommy (bass), Brett (drums), and Sage (horns), Spylights’ inventiveness is both innovative and nostalgic. The group recently released their debut album titled The Empath to the delight of music enthusiasts who thirst for an organic taste of chorale.

The title track turns out to be the Spylights’ lead single and certainly demonstrates the depth of the group’s creative genius. The Empath is truly a song of unsurmountable depth that demonstrates the brilliance of the Spylights’ gimmickless approach to recording. The Empath opens with an invigorating guitar lead, keyboards, and a larger than life bassline, coupled with some fierce percussion and other electronic instrumentation. Vincent’s vocal performance perfectly merges with the sonic podium allowing the listener to absorb in glimpses the poetic lyricism that is being put forth.

The Empath brandishes an inspiring message of being what we can be and loving those that we love to the best of our ability. The track’s climatic rise in intensity keeps us captivated with delight as the Spylights will surely carve a space in your heart with The Empath.


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