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Otras Canciones by No Te Va Gustar: A Masterpiece

In celebration of twenty-five years as a band, the spirited No Te Va Gustar have released their new audiovisual album entitled Otras Canciones. This wonderful collection is comprised of fourteen tracks that feature many of the favorite songs released by the Uruguayan band. Otras Canciones was filmed and recorded by Héctor Castillo.

No Te Va Gustar was first formed in 1994 and comprised of Emiliano Brancciari (vocals and guitar), Martin Gil (trumpet), Gonzalo Castex (percussion), Denis Ramos (trombone), Mauricio Ortiz (sax), Diego Bartaburu (drums), Pablo Coniberti (guitar), Guzman Silveira (bass) and Francisco Nasser (keyboards). The group has received several Latin Grammy Award nominations and out of their nine albums, all of them have either went Gold or Platinum.

Otras Canciones is an outstanding effort that presents many of No Te Va Gustar’s hits that are not often played in shows. Additional acoustic instrumentation is used as a base for the material. No Te Va Gustar sounds as vibrant as ever. The album also hosts several features that make this legendary experience all the more memorable.


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