Technology has certainly aided human civilization in making life more comfortable for both society and the individual. Recently, I had the honor of conversing with entrepreneur Cheryl Ong, whose remarkable inventiveness is truly admirable. Cheryl has been working together with her husband and the couple has aspired to introduce new and progressive technology for everyday people. I think you will find the couple’s new app and perspective very insightful.

Warlock Asylum: Before we begin, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions and share some insights about your wonderful career. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Cheryl Ong: Hi, I am Cheryl Ong, the Co-Founder, and COO of Helios Eos. This company was set up by my husband, Louis and I and we are working toward the vision of creating convenient, futuristic and innovative products that can help save time for all.

Warlock Asylum: How did you get involved with technology and computers?

Cheryl Ong: Our initial product was GroFast, a small planter box for growing microgreens. However, that did not take off. After going back to the drawing board for ideas, we wanted to develop something that complements a device that everyone also has. Something that was easy to use, and convenient.

At the same time, being newly wed, we realized that inventory storage and retrieval was an issue to not only us but also an issue to many people around us. That was when the idea of WIZT was hatched. We developed WIZT as an app for Android and iOS to find their items on a device that they are already familiar with.

Warlock Asylum: Congratulations on your new WIZT app! Can you tell us a little bit about WIZT and your role in its creation?

Cheryl Ong: Thank you! We are also excited that WIZT is out for the world to try. WIZT was designed in a way where it can provide the most amount of information of an item or storage space in the easiest way possible.

With WIZT, users can record and organize their items individually or as a whole storage space into “Labels” in the app. From there, they are able to sketch out their floor plan based on their home and tag their “Labels” to a particular room for easy item retrieval later.

My role is promoting WIZT to more people around the world for them to try out and use the app. It is free on the iOS and Android stores. My job also involves taking in feedback from existing users to see on which features require more refinement.

Warlock Asylum: How does WIZT work and what benefits will it provide to users?

Cheryl Ong: WIZT has many functions for people to design how they want their organization to be, in a way that saves time for them.  

WIZT lets you create an account that has all your information backed up on the cloud. We also ensure the security of this data with a password and a 2FA authentication to make sure the data only belongs to the user.

Let’s start with Label creation. As mentioned earlier, users can take photos of their items individually or as a whole area. They would then be able to tag these items and place an AR digital stick to the specific location in the room where the item is stored. Yes, organization can be done using boxes, but it also happens where people are not sure where that box is placed. A visual representation is still the best way to find your items.

With the labels in place, users can then search for their items in the app during the time of need. In order to save even more time on that, we are developing a system where people can do the search via their voice assistant. We are also developing a personalized AI system, FYBE, where people can train their own model to recognize items in their homes based on how the users name it. So training FYBE can make it recognize your dog as “Milo” instead of just “Dog”. This will be out in the later part of June.

With all the item recording done, users can then share this information (with a subscription plan) to a trusted source for them to collaborate together on organizing. Or alternatively, they can also restrict the sharing rights to just viewing only. This would be great for people who live with others and are unable to accurately describe where an item is placed.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the various ways in which this application can be used?

Cheryl Ong: WIZT is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. After all, our aim is to help save time for the users.

In situations such as moving house, you can easily record what you have inside each box and tag it to a future location in your home so that the movers can place it there without any miscommunications.

For people who use self-storage facilities, WIZT lets you know what you have in your storage with a touch of the app. Instead of you having to drive down to the facility to find a certain item, just to realize it’s not there.

WIZT also helps in emergency situations, sharing information where medication is in time of need for quick communication.

Due to the ways users can customize the app, the possibilities are endless.

Warlock Asylum: How affordable is the WIZT app? Is this application exclusively for the wealthy?

Cheryl Ong: WIZT is very affordable. It is a free app that users are able to try out if they are staying alone. For the subscription plan, it will include the sharing feature. This would benefit users who co-share their living space with others.  

We have structured the app in a way where a paying user is able to share label information to a free user. For example, if you live with your family, one main user is able to subscribe, and it can be shared with everyone else. Subscription pricing starts from USD 5.90 a month (Billed annually) to USD 10.90 a month (Billed annually).

Warlock Asylum: Where do you see the WIZT app in the next five years? Any final thoughts?

Cheryl Ong: Over the next five years, we see WIZT as the app everyone uses when they think about finding their items. Something like the Instagram for your Items. Not only at home, but we also see WIZT in use in Self Storage Facilities, Colleges around the world, or even nursing homes. WIZT will also be a more affordable inventory system for small companies.

WIZT is currently out on beta for iOS and Android. More information on WIZT can be found on our website

Thanks once again Cheryl Ong for sharing information about your work and the app WIZT. I am sure that our readers and subscribers will find it to be useful in their daily lives. We wish you and your husband much prosperity in the future.

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