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A Masterpiece For The Ages: Through out These Years by Daniel Tortoledo


Base out of New York City, the beloved charms of Venezuelan-American singer and songwriter Daniel Tortoledo shine through his amazing album titled Through out These Years. Tortoledo’s organic creative guise breeds a captive 9-track offering that is highly contagious and filled with real-life imagery.  As a veteran musician, Tortoledo has cultivated a unique folk-rock that traditionalists of the genre will find both entertaining and innovative.

Through out These Years is a brilliant soundscape that beckons the listener to look inside themselves and learn how to travel through the world based on their inner experiences. Beginning with the cynical and openness of Dark Times (Brothers and Sisters), Through out These Years displays a rich aroma of exceptional instrumentation and vocal prowess. The album’s pillars of continuity are quite impressive as seen in tracks like You Can’t Have It All and the free-spirited Bottles of Wine. Through out These Years by Daniel Tortoledo is a true melodic masterpiece for the post-modern era.