The rock trio Fingertrick returns to the music world with their new single Thin Ice. Many of our regular readers may remember my review of the band’s previous release titled All Dawgs Go To Heaven back in April. Fingertrick is a revolutionary rock band with an incredible gift of creativity. The trio hails from Memphis, Tennessee, and has certainly captured the hearts of many with their refreshing sound.

Thin Ice is the group’s latest release from their awe-inspiring album titled If Requiems Were Record Deals. Thin Ice unveils Fingertrick’s versatility and love for organic instrumentation, as the song is led by the rhythms of acoustic guitar. The track has a crisp melody, which comes to life as an enthralling love song. Christopher Pietrangelo provides a terrific vocal performance and the charms of harmonization are sure to remain on your mind long after the song has been played. Thin Ice by Fingertrick is worthy of a standing ovation that is unforgettable.


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