The multi-talented charms of songstress Maeve Steele possess an equally entertaining and eclectic vibe as seen in her newest offering Real. Maeve Steele is like an old soul in today’s world, sort of a youthful musical veteran.  It is due to such that we find a young and beautiful artist with immense talent that lays the most importance upon the time-honored standards of artistic integrity than studio props and gimmicks, while still holding the keys of musical innovation.

As the a-side of Maeve’s double single release, Real is an incredible song about the premonitions we often encounter in the face of entering a relationship or during one that often predicts heartbreak as the only outcome. Maeve spectacular vocal performance is further enhanced by its poetic lyricism and stirring musical landscape. Real’s exceptional array of electronic and organic instrumentation make it one of pop music’s most-perfected sentimental expressions.

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