As a world songstress, Dejhare (pronounce Dei-Jhar) has captured the hearts of many with her endearing music. Dejhare soulful progression of the song is so eloquently captured by her approach to the art and use of music as a canvas to paint her life experiences upon. Dejhare’s music is both entertaining and magical. Today, I will be reviewing three of Dejhare’s songs from her upcoming album expected for release later this summer.

Trust My Love is a festive love song filled with the vigor of romance. The track is a delectable fusion of pop and dance music genres. Listeners also get a chance to experience Dejhare’s spectacular work as a singer on a much deeper level. Trust My Love has a fabulous uptempo groove and catchy rhythm that keeps us in stride with Trust My Love’s message and beat.

What Is Love? possesses a clearcut message about many of the traditional principles and values that surround love. The song is upbeat and very soulful.  The track’s unorthodox structure adds much to its exotic flavor. What Is Love? provides Dejhare with a vehicle to impart a positive message to the masses.

No More Games is Dejhare’s newest release to date. The track has strong EDM appeal with an epic rhythm that encompasses acoustic and electronic instrumentation of exceptional quality. No More Games is certainly a generation-mender. No More Games has a rich and colorful vocal by Dejhare that comes with a nice overdub.

Overall, Dejhare has established herself as a singer with an enduring sound and message of inspiration for all who attune to her dimension. She embodies many of the characteristics of some of her legendary forerunners like Nina Simon and Sade. Once you step into Dejhare’s dimension the world of music is forever changed.


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