Country music songstress Luanne Hunt returns to the music world with another melodic charmer entitled The Night He Came to Town. The tune was written by Canadian songwriter Dave Ward and features an amazing fiddle performance by one of the most often sought after fiddle players in Nashville, Christain Ward.  Luanne Hunt’s release of The Night He Came to Town reveals the artist creativity and industrious work ethic as a musician. Many of our regular readers may remember Hunt’s recent release of her soulful EP titled Backroads, Bottles & Blues, which I had the honor of reviewing back in February.

Everything that is touched by Luanne Hunt’s voice is turned into gold. While her venture into the mysterious terrain of a song like The Night He Came to Town certainly represents a new phase of expression, Hunt’s enchanting gift of voice makes this song an epic masterpiece. The track opens with an enthralling, yet brief, spoken word intro that effectively sets up the cinematic nature of the work that follows. As an alchemist myself, The Night He Came to Town seems to touch upon a subject surrounding souls awaiting ascension, but its theme is best left open for interpretation.

Hunt’s vocal performance is ravishing and is well-complimented by Ward’s play on the fiddle. The Night He Came to Town unfolds like a storybook as we progress further into the song and its lyricism. The track has a great electric guitar break. Overall, Luanne Hunt emerges as an angelic guide of chorale with her new single The Night He Came to Town.

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