The multi-talented singer and Renaissance woman Gogo Vagena has cultivated her musical craft early in life. Born in Athens, Greece, Gogo’s unprecedented passion for song developed out of her love for dance. While attending ballet class during high school, Gogo also joined the school’s (Lycée Léonin de Patissia) choir. Since the days of her youth, Gogo has blossomed into an attractive songstress with an enchanting voice. Her latest single entitled Fly To You is filled with the heartwarming magic that makes life special.

Fly To You is a captivating tune that turns out to be a bright fusion of jazz, pop, and soul music genres. The track opens up with a soothing host of guitar strums, bass, and brass, all of which serve as the perfect podium for Gogo’s breathtaking vocal performance. Gogo doesn’t miss a beat in her artistic summation of romance’s brighter chapters. Gogo takes her audience to an oasis of love and beyond with stirring harmonization and clear lyrical content. No matter where you are or who you are, Gogo Vagena is sure to remain in the musical experience of your life once you hear Fly To You.

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