Representing the same principles that brought them together, Hemisphere uses their musical talents to bring humanity together. Comprised of musical veterans Rob Shinno, Mike McQuilken, Don Bowman, Max Zape, and Nathan Brown, Hemisphere fuses elements of jazz, metal, pop, and rock into a broader terrain for an incredible sound. The group often promotes messages of diversity, equality, and unity into their music.

Hemisphere’s upcoming single  “Transmission” from the album American Dreams (release date 10/01/20) is an upbeat tune that totes a savory melody and is quite entertaining. Musically, Transmissions possesses a retro vibe and is structured similarly to many of the classic synth-pop records from the late-80’s. Electric guitars and synthesized measures take precedent amongst the song’s apparatus. Hemisphere’s versatility spawns an ingenious breakdown later in the track. Transmissions by Hemisphere is a testimony to the group’s musical professionalism and inventiveness.

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