The invigorating sounds of Claye Greene aka Blue Soul Ten add a soulful richness to even the simplest occasions. The veteran producer and songwriter has a musical career that spans over two decades. Blue Soul Ten got his start as a radio deejay which allowed him the opportunity to network and learn more about the industry. He would later go on to study music production at Berklee College of Music for a brief time. Blue Soul Ten’s sincere passion for his craft of choice can best be heard in his upcoming work titled Ten Percent.

Ten Percent is a complete album comprised of eleven spirited tracks. The project certainly exemplifies Blue Soul Ten’s skill as a composer, which encompasses a melting pot of jazz, soul, and electronica. Ten Percent takes on the essence of smooth grooves and exotic melodies that prove to be an oasis of rhythm, which birth a journey laced with unspoken positivity.

Ten Percent Track by Track Review

Track 1: Ten Percent begins with its title track. Immediately the listener is captivated by a lovely piano measure with hints of saxophone in the background. As the tempo begins to rise, we are graciously enchanted by the woos of electric guitar that arises from this mystical experience.

Track 2: Blue Soul Ten’s freeness of expression is wonderfully captured in Give In To Me. The song is escorted into being by a moving bassline and a brilliant keyboard riff. Additional instrumentation makes this otherworldly jewel shine bright as it transforms into a rich composition that is complemented by a superb male vocalist that shapes the melody through song. Draped in themes of seduction, Give In To Me illustrates Blue Soul Ten’s range as a producer.

Track 3: Make It Hot comes through with an exceptional hip-hop vibe. Musically, this track is a charmer with a beat to keep you in a zone that is complemented by measures of Rhodes piano. The music has a dimension of its own but certainly runs along the traditions of trendless rap bravado as the emcee on this track has both confidence and poise. Additional female vocals make this gem shine even brighter.

Track 4: Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Blue Soul Ten keeps us dancing afire with Life. This funky track is painted with an astute colorfulness by a guest female vocalist. Life stunning bassline and soulful harmonies let us ride among the stars in melody.

Track 5: Satisfied is an amazing fusion of reggae with r&b elements. What’s equally enjoyable about Blue Soul Ten’s production is how the maestro can pull elements from different genres and make songs that still compare well with each other. The female vocalist on the track has a strong voice which gives Satisfied a great chord of depth.

Track 6: 10% Interlude is a brisk musical piece filled with synth sounds, bass, a nice drum pattern, and rhythm guitar. The music is refreshing and follows the standard and template of smoothness set forth on the album’s previous tracks.

Track 7: The Ten Percent album continues its exotic voyage with the tantalizing song entitled Real Love. The track has an endearing charisma that touches the soul. Blue Soul Ten’s rich musical template is greatly enhanced by the use of tribal drum sounds and stirring guitar strums. The male vocalist adds a grown taste of song to the entire presentation of Real Love.

Track 8: Purpose is one rap tune that expresses much of what is missing in the genre. It is with the skillful use of clear and uplifting rap bars that the track’s emcee paints a picture of what it means to make life valuable. The music carries a lot of depth given its minimalist structure and musical execution.

Track 9: Love fills the air with smells of romance in These Words. The track is one of the album’s greatest treasures and a refreshing take on love. These Words has a catchy melody that serves as the perfect podium for the song’s female vocalist.

Track 10: As Ten Percent reaches its conclusion, the album spiritual continues to emerge. Graceful is an epic track that expresses appreciation to and for a higher power. The gifted female songstress brings heaven into our experience through melody. It’s an exotic ride filled flute sounds and the delights of classic guitar.

Track 11: Blue Soul Ten concludes this masterful journey with Blue Theme V. The track puts a cherry atop of this amazing body of work. Blue Theme V begins a didgeridoo and ends with a jazz brass section.

Ten Percent by Blue Soul Ten is truly a masterpiece. The album puts together inspirational messages through the musical concepts that Blue Soul Ten has weaved together. As a work of art, Ten Percent is priceless but also serves as a great model for the world of academia for its applied principles of musical theory. Bravo!


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