I am constantly impressed by the artistic progression of musician, recording artist, and veteran producer Blue Soul Ten. Everything that Blue Soul Ten touches is as good in sound as gold. His electrifying amalgamation of blues, jazz, r&b, and soul music genres has led to a rich catalog of albums, such as Ten Percent, Songs About You, and The Incredible Sound of Blue. The industrious Blue Soul Ten continues his quest for musical innovation with a spectacular offering entitled This Is Worth It.

As its title implies, This Is Worth It is a full plate of music that is destined to satisfy the listener’s appetite for “good music”. The title is comprised of thirteen tracks and features an array of talented musicians and singers. This Is Worth It in many ways represents a transformation in Blue Soul Ten’s journey. The album is not only a return to live instrumentation but also aligns with Blue Soul ten’s state of being as an artist and person.

1-All We Need (feat. Syauqi Destinika) This Is Worth It begins with this hyper-groove that is truly delightful. All We Need starts with some fierce hi-hats that later evolve into a full jam session and varied bass riffs, keyboarding, and vocal hints from the lovely Syauki Destinika. All We Need perfectly starts the journey ahead in a warm and organic manner.

2-Different Than I’m Used To (feat. Skyler Harris) What a sterling musical gem. Certainly, romanticism is a way to capture the listener’s attention. Different Than I’m Used To is a marvelous track that sets foot on jazz terrain with its inviting rhythm. Like many of Blue Soul Ten’s other productions that features a note from a rare instrument, we find a touch of exoticness with some intro notes from a didgeridoo. Amazingly, we find the voice of Skyler Harris as the anchor that really brings forth the workmanship to its height.

3-You Should Know By Now (feat. Dennis Lorenzo) – Truly a melodic charmer with a musical backdrop that is reminiscent of the ’70s soul era. The music is further complimented by acoustic guitar strums in dialogue with harp and an underlying taste of congas amid a traditional drum pattern. Dennis Lorenzo’s passionate performance gives the listener a feeling of sitting at a live show. Bravo!

4-Up To You (fest. Shamain) – A beautiful slow jam that makes exceptional use of the Rhodes piano and brass arrangements. The crisp drum kit really keeps this transcendental love story together, along with profound vocals from Shamain.

5-I’m Afraid I Might (feat. Syauqi Destinika) – Songstress Syauqi Destinika returns for an enchanting taste of homegrown r&b. I’m Afraid I Might is about considerations of falling in love. Syauqi adds the right touch to make this journey a picturesque expression of our heart’s desire.

6-No Love Greater (feat. Saniyah X) -An upbeat jewel that features a shift in Blue Soul Ten’s approach to recording. No Love Greater features lyrist Saniyah X that lays down some choice spoken word verses, which segue into a closing dialogue of saxophone, trumpet, and voice. Perfecto!

7-This Is Worth It (feat. Dennis Lorenzo) Moving into the fusion of funk and r&b, we find This Is Worth It’s distinct sound unforgettable. The track’s lead rhythm guitar adds the right touch of bravado. Additional brass arrangements give This Is Worth It a post-modern Ohio Players edge. Dennis Lorenzo’s vocals melt into the instrumentation with ease of grace.

8-Heavenly (feat. Skyler Harris and Ascent) – Heavenly extends This Is Worth It’s continuity and inventiveness with a touch of hip hop with a spiritual premise. The track opens with a Caribbean rhythm that is well-accented by keyboard tones and a crisp drum kit. The tune’s bright demeanor is led by Ascent’s eloquent rap and Skyler’s vocal lead.

9-Pieces (feat. Brail Watson and Ascent) In this epic dose of sonic cinematography, Pieces introduces another chapter in This Is Worth It’s romantic drama. The track’s freeform style and structure are exhilarating. Brail Watson rich expression of vocalization rides with the rhythm wonderfully as Ascent talks through the cadence of a relationship’s scenario for an adventurous tale of wooing.

10-Like I Do (featuring Dennis Lorenzo) – Blue Soul Ten continues to amaze this album’s ability to keep the listener intrigued in This Is Worth It’s web of soul. Like I Do embodies an experience of contemplation on love’s return. The piano speaks profoundly in this track and works well with Dennis Lorenzo’s vigorous expressions.

11-Loving Me (featuring Shamain) – A magical song that contains some great piano arrangements. Shamain’s voice and accompanying strings are dynamic. Another attribute that gives Loving Me its winning charm is the lyrical content of the song. Loving Me is a woman’s look into the mirror and admittance that loving her can be difficult at times, but she is willing to go to the lengths that love will take her heart on the journey.

12-You Are (feat. Brail Watson) – The acoustic guitar lead adds a soothing tone to the honest and enthralling look at love from the angle of the male counterpart. You Are is a call for peace at heart, a message that the world needs to embrace.

13-Blue Theme VI – This Is Worth It concludes with a stunning instrumental track, wherein Blue Soul Ten has decided to conclude by letting the instrumentation speak. It’s a bright day enlivened by the saxophone, trumpet, and good guitar lead. Amid the surprises we find in this instrumental conversation, Blue Theme VI ends this marvelous journey in classic fashion.

This Is Worth It by Blue Soul Ten marks the arrival of another masterpiece. The album is a great conceptual premise of love, man and women, and the ebb and flow of romanticism in the arms of musical symmetry. Blue Soul Ten’s selection of talented collaborators is not too varied, which secures the album’s continuity. This Is Worth It lives up to its name and the musical legacy it will emblazon for generations.



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