Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the multi-talented instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter known as Ronin is a true musical phenomenon. He grew u[p in a Korean-immigrant family and has a background in classical and jazz. His style is a fusion of genres that range from rock to hip-hop. Amazingly, music serves as Ronin’s guiding force and release from experiences of bullying and discrimination that he faced as a child. His new song titled Chemical Smiles is a musical gem that is both entertaining and cerebral.

Chemical Smiles is a very free-spirited and soulful song by Ronin. The track possesses an avant-garde structure that contains organic and electronic elements. The song is musically innovative and the result of Ronin’s creative mind. As an alternative music treasure, Chemical Smiles builds a high degree of anticipation for what Ronin has in store for the future.


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