Eddie Bows (rap artist)

Eddie Bows’ Newest Single Hi Hater!! (Feat. Grizz Gotti and Rae Dabbin)

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, emerging rapper Eddie Bows has just released a fiery offering with his new single titled Hi Hater!! The talented lyricist is an artist signed under Soldier To God Records LLC, which is owned by Grizz Gotti. Soldier To God Records has put together an awesome crew of emcees with a flavorful vibe that is keen to the streets. Some of their collaborations like Patience are perfect examples of the cinematic musical landscapes they have put together.

Eddie Bows’ latest single Hi Hater!! is off the meter! Featured on the track are both Grizz Gotti and Rae Dabbin. Hi Hater!! has an irresistible groove that easily captivates your attention and fuels the listener’s addiction to the repeat button. What I like most about this song is that it is picturesque, where we can see the drama clearly in our minds from the bars being spit. Hi Hater!! is a masterful track and an indication of Soldier To God Records’ flourishing movement.


Eddie Bows Instagram

Grizz Gotti Instagram

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