Based out of Guadalajara, Mexico, rap artist Sabino is making waves on the music scene with his illustrious style of lyricism and exceptional flow. His new album entitled Yin is a handsome eight-song offering that brandished the rapper’s eloquent style of delivery. Sabino has drawn quite a bit of media attention since appearing on the scene back in 2012.

Sabino is currently under contract with the label Discos Anónimos / Sony Music México. People are drawn to Sabino’s style because it is practical and different than much of rap’s stigma that is often associated with street life, the Mexican rapper keeps things on a practical note that the working class can enjoy, along with a musical landscape that includes a fusion of jazz, r&b, and contemporary to match. The Yin album is not only expected to propel the rapper into a wider market but also set a global standard for the lyrical content in rap music.

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