Based out of North Carolina, the multi-talented singer and songwriter Jay Allen aka Jayductions has an incredible sound and is certainly a creative force in the world of urban music. As an emerging Renaissance man, Jayductions wears a few hats, including executive producer and owner at Jayductions LLC.

Jayductions totes an unpreceded artistic brilliance that has fueled the release of two rap albums Lost In Thought and Complex Expressions within a year’s time. Both albums are masterpieces and display a high level of versatility even incorporating elements from other musical genres into the landscape of the work.

Lost In Thought is a very earthy production. The album opens with a track entitled Running, where Jayductions’ speaks openly to his audience about what’s on his mind and airs many of the concerns that we all carry with us. Musically, Lost In Thought possesses many r&b elements and soulful expression of chorale that make this endeavor such a beautiful process. Jayductions’ lyrical expertise expressed in tracks like Felt This Way is incredible. Felt This Way was destined to be released as a single. Its arcane musical structure and Jayductions unorthodox delivery are classic and epitomize care that is put into Lost In Thought’s production.

Complex Expressions was also released in 2018. The album is comprised of eight tracks and unveils a more intense side of Jayductions. Amazingly, we find the track Apathy, which features Kole Brown and Dunn Aveli, appearing on both Lost In Thought and Complex Expressions. Apathy has a stirring groove that is easy to feel and audibly magnificent! Perplexed in another track that is bound to catch your attention, due it Jayductions marvelous cadence and content. Jayduction spits some heavy bars and surfs the beat like no other. Perplexed has a heavy streetwise edge that is further complemented by features Simcity and Jabari Johnson.

Jayductions’ music is uniquely superb. Not only is the youthful music veteran a great artist, but he also has a healthy plan as an entrepreneur. Jayductions’ ambition has resulted in an emerging catalog of music by the artist and those that he faithfully puts on the map.  


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