Based out of Arizona, Damein Parker is a talented instrumentalist that lets the music speak for itself. His new EP titled Damo Demo is a work in progress that proves to be his calling-card of creativity. Damo Demo is comprised of four instrumental tracks. Overall, the project infuses elements from various genres, but mainly finds its home in the arena of EDM.

Damo Demo opens with Albeit Horizon, a track about diversifying our skills and talents. Interestingly, this lovely tune opens with an excerpt from the anime Ghost In A Shell. Musically, this cinematic composition puts the project on the as brighter side of things, handsomely using the charms of synth riffs and guitars. It’s a nice melody that is inspiring and rigorous.

I’m Done With That covers relieving ourselves from toxic entertainment and music. The track keeps us captivated with a steady beat and a hypnotic keyboard rhythm. Some industrial sounds give I’m Done With That an intelligible vibe.

See You Out is a composition about procrastination. Its various parts reflect the push and pull for getting things done. The track is quite entertaining and climbs up from an erratic structure that is brilliant. Parker concludes this showpiece with Just Doin Me And My Thang. The composition is well layered and feeds off the energy of living in the moment.

Damo Demo is an awesome experience and really illustrates the beauty of electronic music. Damein Parker’s tasteful themes and expansive melodies are indeed worthy of a standing ovation.

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