Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, the riveting sounds of the rock trio Heavy America are a delight for all purist of the genre. Comprised of members Michael T. Seguin (guitar, lead vocals), Budd Lapham (bass, vocals), and Dan Fried (drums, vocals), Heavy America is a powerhouse of musical veteranship that hits the mark of creativity. Not only is the group’s alternative sound catered to fans of hard rock, but has ingeniously inculcated an innovative fusion of music’s rebellious forms into their sonic landscape. Heavy America’s recent single Motor Honey (Peace) is a sterling example of the band’s inventiveness.

Built our themes of drag racing, Motor Honey (Peace) is a rugged melody for the times that totes an irresistible groove filled with an oasis of electric guitar strums that pierces the heart. Heavy America puts forth electrifying harmonies that add to the wholesome rock bravado and catchy hook. Motor Honey (Peace) also comes with a smooth video that works well in amplifying the track’s themes. Motor Honey (Peace) is one song that remains on the brain.

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