Soulful songwriter and songstress Emma Mae debut single “Fuckboy” has certainly raised a few eyebrows. But whatever attention is gained from this title is only a small gesture of the talent and potential that Emma Mae possesses. Emma Mae captures audiences with the depth of her vocals and open-book style of lyricism, wherein the truth of her reality takes precedence.

Fuckboy is an incredible pop/soul musical gem that draws from elements of r&b and genres neo-soul facilitate its smooth and alluring groove that works as a podium for Emma Mae’s spectacular performance. The song’s theme is about a woman who comes to the realization that her lover was nothing more than a sexual plaything. Emma Mae’s debut offering is somewhat reminiscent of the work and catalog of Amy Winehouse and holds similar promise. The new songstress is still shrouded in a cape of mystery that is sure to unveil itself as awareness about her music grows.

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