The inventive exploits of singer and songwriter Mr. MooQ shine through his new single titled Complicated. The electro-pop composer has a very diverse style of melody that stands out because of its originality. I had the blessed opportunity of getting to know Mr. MooQ’s work in my review of his song Dreaming In Color. Mr. MooQ makes music fun as much as he does meaningful with freshly woven hymns and straightforward lyricism as can be seen in the tune Complicated.

Complicated is off of Mr. MooQ’s EP of the same title. The track is a perfect example of Mr. MooQ’s brilliance as a composer as it incorporates influences from lounge and jazz music. Complicated has a warm and pristine feel. The track opens up with a juicy filtered bassline, keyboards, and a nice touch of brass. This crafty fusion is innovative and demonstrates the limitless borders of Mr. MooQ’s creative mind.

Complicated’s catchy rhythm is broadened by Mr. MooQ’s vocal performance. His method of articulating harmonies over this insatiable groove is totally captivating. Mr. MooQ is able to make his persona known throughout the song, which is something that not many singers can do. Complicated carries the theme about the complexities of love and the lengths we will go to maintain the joy of a promising relationship. Fortunately, Mr. MooQ keeps things simple with a melody that makes falling in love easy.


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