The German band Betweenzone express their awesome sense of musical innovation with their new EP titled Time Has Come – The Remixes. Comprised of members Dave M. Rile (vocals, synths,) and EAST (vocals, synth), Betweenzone has been working together since the 90’s and worked mainly in the arena electronic dance music and trance. However, in later periods of the Betweenzone’s creative process, the band began to fuse elements of electro-pop, progressive rock, and other delights into its scheme.  Time Has Come –  The Remixes eloquently demonstrates how far they have come.

As evident from the EP’s title, Time Has Come features several remixes of the initial track. The project opens with an American pop version of the title that is very melodic and reminiscent the 80’s pop sound, but with Betweenzone’s signature-style of rhythm. The vocals are equally entertaining and the merge of electric guitars and synth sounds create a delightful landscape.

The Diamonds from Space Mix of Time Has Come is an electrifying EDM spin on the track that really unveils Betweenzone’s versatility. The rhythm guitar and swirling bassline are sure two keep listeners captivated. Closing out the EP is Time Has Come’s Ebm Mix.  The industrial elements contained in this version set the tone for a nostalgic journey onto the club scene and more.

Time Has Come –  The Remixes by Betweenzone is a ravishing offering that quenches the thirst of music enthusiasts and also sets a standard for those in the fields of engineering and production. Betweenzone has proven once again that quality is the key to longevity.

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