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Wave by Zero The Kidd

Based out of Florida, producer and rap artist Zero The Kidd livens up the music world with his latest release entitled Wave. Zero The Kidd has been creating music since the tender age of seven, ut began to take things more seriously in his high school years. He has over 10 million plays worldwide and has appeared in multiple music blogs and magazines. As a musical veteran of sorts, the vibrant lyricist stays motivated by studying those artists who paved the way for his emergence, like Lil Wayne, Easy E, Tupac, and the greatest influence of all is his mother.

Wave counts for another ingenious offering from Zero The Kidd. The track’s echoing rhythm and cinematic musical landscape set the stage for what proves to be an epic trap song. Zero The Kidd has a distinct rap-sung flow that adds to the fluidity of Wave. Zero The Kidd drops bars on his reality versus the visions of the haters. This urban groove draws into its composition elements that are etheric in nature. Best of all, Wave by Zero The Kidd makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.