Based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the talented producer, songwriter, and rap artist Timothy Hensley aka Hen Dawg, also known as Hennessy Dawg, lets off another shot to the dome with his new single Better Days. Hen Dawg has a very unique straightforward style that is quite entertaining. He expresses himself with a fluidity that charmingly convinces us of a reality that we know all too well.

Hen Dawg does a tremendous job on the musical production of Better Days. The track has a unique fill of organic instrumentation and electronic prose. Hen Dawg spits a cloak n’ dagger renaissance rhyme about making a better life for oneself and taking part in better days ahead. Hen Dawg is able to reach the hearts of his audience and true music lovers with a sincere offering that speaks to us all and the hope for the future amid troubling times.

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