FOUX is a 26 year-old musician whose brave transition from a career as an engineer to being a full-time musician has proven fruitful. FOUX started learning piano when he was four years of age. He maintained studies in classical music until reaching the age of sixteen. After exploring youthful endeavors and other academic interests, FOUX rediscovered his passion for music.

Inspired by artists like, Fakear, Petit Biscuit, and Møme, FOUX began creating music with renewed vigor. His style traces around borders of electronic dance to “soft electro.” FOUX’s ambitions have culminated in the development of his first EP, is to be released on January 20th 2018, entitled, Boreal.

Boreal is a six-track EP that comes with a smooth sound and features FOUX’s ingenuity as an electronic composer. The EP takes a handsome approach to the vibe that it captures with a delightful mix of exotic instrumentation.

Boreal by Foux – Track by Track Review

Intro (Down on the Sea)Boreal opens with a fabulous intro that really puts the listener in the mood of anticipating what is going to follow. This track has a very warm feel with some bright hints of voice and definitely builds anticipation for what’s next.

Boo – A groovy track with some amazing production, FOUX is able to reveal his skill as a producer while laying the foundation for his soft electro signature sound. Boo sparks the interest of listeners with its exceptional drum patterns and layered keyboarding, an album favorite for sure.

Green Mist – This selection caught my attention immediately, as it opens with a sample of Winston Churchill’s voice. Somewhat of a musical social commentary, FOUX masterfully builds a melodic landscape around voice that transports the listener into another place in time.

Song for Boul – This is a great dance track with trippy overtones and clever hints that appear to flirt with elements of experimental music. Song for Boul is emotionally captivating.

FOUX proves that his passion is music with Boreal

Dancing Lights – This is a great dance track with a bright theme. Quite an impressive production by FOUX, Dancing Lights is layered with crisp melodic ornaments and nice keyboard interludes that are quite exceptional.

Aurora – The final track on the album, Aurora is a beautiful track that makes brilliant use of voice and steel drum sounds. FOUX is able to close a perfect EP with a treasure chest of a track. Aurora is as memorable as it is brilliant.

Boreal is a fantastic EP! FOUX’s first offering is quite impressive and a nostalgic offering that will surely be celebrated by music enthusiasts. Successfully, FOUX lands a masterpiece with Boreal!

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