Originally from South Korea, the award-winning composer, producer, and songwriter RTMKNG unveils his passion for music with the release of a new album titled Rhythmking 1.0. The new project is comprised of fourteen tracks and affords RTMKNG the opportunity to infuse elements from the blues, jazz, pop, and r&b for a truly phenomenal musical experience.

Rhythmking 1.0 is a soundscape of unlimited potential! This sonic journey is a fanciful plunge into RTMKNG’s pool of imaginative ideas. The album opens up with the festive track Freeze The Fire, a romantic charmer with an electrifying and inventive groove that pulls out the attention of every listener by the soulful voice of the lead singer for something truly memorable.

RTMKNG is able to fortify the album’s continuity and flavor with several collaborations like we find with the track Monster. Sharing the musical platform with Eunha Oh, RTMKNG is able to put together a nostalgic adventure that draws heavily from the disco era with its snappy drum kit and stirring synths. Monster visually puts you on the dance floor. Rhythmking 1.0 also has its experimental moments as seen from selections like the abstract Riding A Cart Under The Moon, a crafty composition with clever transitions and song structure.

His maestro concludes the album with three instrumental versions of tracks appearing earlier on the album like Can’s Take My Eyes Off You. Rhythmking 1.0 is an outstanding contribution to the world of electronic music by RTMKNG. His fresh and vivid approach to sound makes listening to electronic music a new experience each and every time.

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