Based out Norway, songwriter and producer VITNE has cultivated an eclectic rock music sound with his fusion of symphonic, folk, Celtic, Japanese, punk and heavy metal genres. The innovative musical veteran released an electrifying album titled Aria on August 15th, 2019. The project certainly demonstrates the creative genius of Norway’s mysterious sonic child.

Aria is comprised of eleven tracks that take the listener on an epic journey into another world, a dimension of sound that we all remember, but rarely hear in the quality of today’s music. VITNE solves this riddle by creating linguistic compositions that speak to the soul.

1-Whispers of Another World: VINTE opens the Aria album with this elegant pianist composition. It definitely is a toast to VINTE’s skill as a composer and his ability to hold dialogue through instrumentation. Whispers of Another World holds a gentle yet intense mood of curiosity. Yet, it touches us in a way that is warm and compassionate.

2-Escape: A riveting rock tune that totes an exotic musical landscape. The track is electric-guitar heavy but gains much depth from the layered keyboard and piano riffs moving abroad the background. The vocals explode into masterful harmonies, which add to the track’s beauty.

3-Turn Back Time: The mood of this offering is very reminiscent of 80’s pop-rock styles with a bit of a harder edge, even the theme of turning back time, carries the same nostalgia. The guitar solo in the latter part of the song is brilliant. Turn Back Time is an instant favorite as many can relate to its theme and charming song structure.

4-Encephalon: An energetic tune that seems to draw much of its influence from Japanese and metal styles of electric guitar playing. Its a crisp rock song with all the hard-edged trimmings.

5-Fever Dream: What a wonderful and dreamy track. If you love the timelessness of hazy sounds then the organic structure and operatic genius behind the opening of this song sets in motion a brilliant piece of music that also presents itself as conceptual art.

6-Ascension: Extremely electrifying piece that basks in the pure essence of rock music. Ascension revolves around a psychedelic landscape, even the vocals are reminiscent of the garage-psychedelia of the late-60’s. Certainly it concepts and title are in many ways a salute to those that came before.

7-Horizon: This tune picks up on the melody from Ascension but in a more acoustic setting. The track and its eloquent harmonies draw from elements of 60’s-pop and folk music. A very cerebral track in the guise of its acoustic premise.

8- Our Way: A very cinematic groove that carries a tone of high spirited artistry. One of the album’s gifted gyms.

9-Nocturne: This is a great ballad that is accompanied by the grace of piano and chorale.

10- Vanquish The Night: VITNE demonstrates a stretch of the lungs with a fierce vocal performance and guitaring. The track is certainly a winner and would do great as a single release.

11. Requiem: His maestro concludes this epic album with this crafty song that brandishes the genius of VITNE’s musicianship and anchors an excellent way to conclude the musical journey embellished with Aria. 

Aria by VINTE is a masterpiece. If you enjoy music of high quality and aptitude then you will fall in love with this album and recognize it for the collector’s item that it will ultimately become. Aria is a sonic testimony of how VINTE is able to breathe his blood, sweat, and tears into the music he creates.

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