Italian composer, conductor, pianist, and producer Erika Zoi is known for her proficient compositional output and inventive prose. Zoi began her musical studies at a young age on the piano with Cesare and B. Brandani’s Maestri F. continuing with the composition and conducting with A. Meoli and B. Rigacci.

Zoi’s creative endeavors has grown to include writing music for concerts and theatrical productions, and of course, an ever-expanding musical catalog, which includes her newest composition to be released titled Of A Dream. Zoi is able to connect to the hearts of her audience with this profound undertaking that so eloquently embodies the essential elements of its theme.


Of A Dream opens with an enthralling segment of musical dialogue of 12 notes in E major that expands and contracts into greater depth. The track’s journey ventures into a journey of measures, some soft and others compelling. Erika Zoi’s brilliant and concise piano work paints a vision between worlds and within the confines of this melodic narration do we find a place for ourselves in other worlds. Of A Dream by Erika Zoi is truly a celestial oasis.

Of A Dream on Spotify

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