Based out of Los Angeles, California, the electrifying songstress Dionyza Sutton aka Dionyza returns with a new captivating single entitled If It Kills. As the daughter of former Motown songwriters Michael and Brenda Sutton, Dionyza’s passion for music developed at an early age. Her expertise as a singer and songwriter are truly exceptional as demonstrated in her latest offering.

If It Kills grabs the listener’s attention with its distinct driving groove that is draped in soulful instrumentation of keyboard riffs and a popping bassline. The drums possess a militant flare, which works in intensifying Dionyza’s performance in the song. If It Kills is a tune that carries describes the anguish experienced from a broken romance. However, Dionyza is determined to make things work even If It Kills. Dionyza’s spirited style of chorale adds an air of sophistication to the track that is both cerebral and entertaining. If It Kills also has an awesome lyric video that plays like a storyline from a movie. If It Kills by Dionyza is certainly something to die for.

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