The beautiful singer and songwriter Aneessa returns to the musical world with another charming melody with her new song titled Saint-Étienne. The track is about Aneessa’s hometown Saint-Étienne in east-central France and some of the memories that came out of her experience growing up.

Saint-Étienne is a smooth jazz song that totes a rich cultural flavor. The music is accentuated with the pleasant sounds of classical guitar and a moving bassline. Aneessa is able to paint a vision unto the minds of her listeners. Her soulful grace perfectly compliments this vibrant offering. The track’s mood heightens as the Aneessa’s audience begins to grasp the second verse, which is followed by a lovely piano break. Aneessa bears her soul with words of joy and sadness but is effective in taking listeners on a journey to Saint-Étienne that proves to be a lesson in life.

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